About the Author

I was born and spent my earliest years in Rockford, Illinois.  When my dad took a new job in Texas, he packed up my mother, sister, and me like the Beverly Hillbillies and skirted the Mississippi all the way down to the Lone Star State.  Most people who visit Texas hate the long hot summers, but since moving away to Utah, I have learned that I actually miss the heat.  In my opinion, the hotter, the better. Despite the matchstick trees and overabundance of malls and grocery stores, my husband and children love visiting along with me.

After graduating from high school, I attended one semester at Baylor University before transferring to Brigham Young University.  While studying education and history, I met a man who wooed me with his Italian cooking and far away stories of living in Rome.  As soon as we graduated, I promptly married him so that he could continue to tantalize me with his tasty culinary arts.  We then moved to Salem, Oregon so that my husband could attend law school.  Not only did I go on to teach elementary school for a number of years, but I received a vicarious legal education by listening to my husband describe the daily horrors of the Socratic Method.

While living in Oregon, my husband and I loved to explore the beautiful, rugged coastline. It was then that we discovered towns such as Lincoln City and Depoe Bay. I had no idea that years later these visits to the Oregon coast would provide the perfect setting for Eyes of the Unknown.

I appreciate all the support that I have received from family and friends as I have written six novels. Their feedback has been invaluable.

My husband and I currently reside with our three children in Northern Utah.

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